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Moisture Discounts for Drying Grains (effECTIVE 9-19)

SOYBEANS 3 % shrinkage for each 1% moisture reduced to 13.0% from 15.0%. There will be a 5% shrinkage for moisture 15.1 and over.  Foreign material above 1% and moisture shrink will be deducted from each load.


Storage charge on soybeans will be 1.87 hundredth cent per day or 5.67 cents per month or 68 cents per bushel per year.  There is no storage charge on grain sold, or placed on delayed pricing contracts, within 15 days of delivery.  Delayed pricing will start at 5 cent/month or 1.644 hundredths.


CORN 1.5% shrinkage for each 1.0% moisture reduced to 15.0%, plus a drying charge of 5.5 cents/point from 15% to 18% 7 cents/point 18.1% and greater.  All corn in open storage on December 16 will be shrunk to 14.5% and will be shrunk to 14.0% on January 31 at a rate of 1.5%.


Storage charge on all corn is 1.65 hundredth cent per bushel per day.  This figures to be 5 cents per bushel per month or 60 cents per bushel per year.  There is no storage charged on open grain sold within 15 days of delivery.  Delayed pricing will start at 4.5 cent/month or 1.50 hundredths.


Grain bank corn will have a one-time charge of 15 cents per bushel delivered at 14.0% moisture.


Producers have fifteen (15) days from date of delivery to market or store grain, after fifteen (15) days, storage charges revert to the date of delivery.


Producers will have a 150 days minimum storage charge on warehouse receipt grain.  Producers will be charged for all drying, storage, shrink, and a .14 cent handling charge before receipt is issued.


There are no dump charges assessed.   There is no minimum storage on open grain.


For grain sold as it crosses the scale, the price will be the day's closing bid.  Make sure the scale operator is aware of this.

All charges and rates subject to changes in input costs

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